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For our OEM customers, L&H stocks large quantities of raw material from which we manufacture products to meet exact specifications. Our feedstock is purchased to proprietary chemistries and physical specifications in heat lot quantities from hot rolled bar and rod mills. We saw cut or shear our U-Bolt blanks to length and then chamfer, thread and bend to your specifications. We produce SAE grades 5 and 8 equivalent or we can modify the steel to meet your specific requirements. 


For our aftermarket parts distributors, L&H provides privately labeled U-Bolt kits made to the exact specifications that are asked for. These kits typically include 2 U-Bolts, 4 Hi-Nuts, and 4 X-Tra Thick U-Bolt Washers. We also provide large quantities of end-threaded straight rods to aftermarket parts distributors, which come in different bundle sizes depending on their diameters. These products can be found in-stock at many distributor locations across the North American Market.


For our spring shop distributors, L&H provides end threaded rods with the unique and innovative "CENTERMARK" - a positive location and identification system. We also manufacture the Centermark Bender, which bends U-Bolts in a converging path and thus protects the critical shoulder area. L&H maintains a finished inventory of end threaded rods in diameter sizes from 3/8" to 1-1/4" in SAE grades 5 and 8 equivalent. Additionally, we carry hardware items such as high nuts, washers and other related suspension parts to complete our product offerings. We encourage you to contact us for all of your U-Bolt requirements, as well.

"Your Connection to Quality Around the Bend"
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