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Bending dies are the heart of bending U-Bolts. Knowing this, L&H seeks to provide state-of-the-art dies to match your every need. Producing a U-Bolt that fits exactly how you need it to can be difficult, but not so difficult with our help.

Our dies come in round, square, or semi-round, and are made to fit on a variety of bending machines. All of them are produced in-house and heat-treated to ensure long-lasting quality.

For round dies, you may need to go for a size slightly smaller than the width you actually need. If you send us a drawing of the U-Bolt you'd like to achieve, we can figure out which die will work.

If you're looking for a square die, you'll want to make sure you know the corner radius that you need, as we have several different options for you to choose from.

If you need a semi-round die, you'll need to know your application. We have a list of semi-round dies that are made for various applications.

If there's a die you need that we haven't made before, we'll get it made. Our machine shop has the capabilities to take a sample U-Bolt and reverse-engineer a die to the needed specifications.

Click the below button to view our list of dies. In-stock dies can ship same-day, and freshly made ones can normally be shipped in 1-2 weeks.

"Your Connection to Quality Around the Bend"
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