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  • Bending arms and forming rollers move downward and inward on converging paths

  • U-bolts are bent in one downward pass, creating equal, parallel legs

  • Overbend is made low on the rod eliminating contact with the critical shoulder area

Single-Screw Adjustment

  • Both overbend angle and width of bending arms adjust with one screw

  • Simplicity of setup: One screw -- One adjustment

  • Equal distance between bending arms and forming die is assured at setup

  • Quality U-bolts with identical legs are produced every time

Positive Lock Down

  • Exclusive wedge lock design holds the rod firmly against the forming die during bending

  • Proper radius is maintained because the rod does not raise off the die

  • Exact fit of U-bolt to mating saddle of axle is accomplished thus eliminating U-bolt distortion

  • Proper U-bolt-torque is maintained after installation

Watch the demonstration video below!

"Your Connection to Quality Around the Bend"
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